George Sarah - Vicissitudes. Format: CD, + Digital. Released April 09, 2021 on Gothic Karen Recordings.

All Pieces Composed/Arranged by George Sarah-Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Piano

1. St Catherine - (Et Dórmiunt In Somno Pacis) Pt 2

(Rigby Jones-Vocals)

2. Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace 'Sorrows Version’

3. Josephine

4. Apparition Chamber Pt3

(Fred Bows-Violin, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson-Viola, David Mergen-Cello)

5. Vicissitudes

(Morgan Lee Gerstmar-Viola, Violin)

6. Vicissitudes Of Color

(Morgan Lee Gerstmar-Violin)

7. Rectitude Of Mind

(Daniel Coffeng- Guitars, Brock Bowers-Drums Percussion)

8. Vicissitudes Of Being

(Daniel Coffeng- Guitars, Brock Bowers-Drums Percussion)

9. The Struggle with Stillness

(Daniel Coffeng- Guitars, Brock Bowers-Drums Percussion)

10. Vicissitudes Of Memory

(Morgan Lee Gerstmar-Violin)

Tracks 1, 2 & 4 from original score inspired by Carl Theodor Dreyer’s ‘The Passion Of Joan of Arc’ (1928 film)

Tracks 3, 5-10 original score from the 2021 feature film ‘Her Name Was Jo’.

Mixed and Produced By George Sarah

Mastered by Robert Rich at Soundscape.

The Four Player Model

Limited Edition 12" Colored Vinyl + Digital Album. Released Nov, 2020 on RealMoreReal Records.

1. Nour - The Journey of a Worshipper

2. Lorenz Erdmann - Idiophonic Thoughts Revisited

3. Spätzer - Yai

4. George Sarah - Black Snow

Campbient Volume One

This release is vinyl only. Released Aug, 2020 on RealMoreReal Records.

Campbient is an sound art residency, in which 22 artists composed and recorded a full-length album based on ambient field recordings, all in two days while camping at Bay View Park, WA. Featuring George Sarah.

Min And Elsa

George Sarah - 3 Song 12' Vinyl E.P. + Digital Album. Released June 17, 2016 on Flat Field Records.


Side A.


 Min And Elsa


Reverence And Unknowing

Side B.


Forgotten Animals


George Sarah – Timelapse. Format: CD, + Digital. Released: Feb 18, 2014 on Flat Field Records.

Track Listing:
1. Golden Mean
2. The Star We Spin Around
3. Unanchored
4. Flower Of Life
5. Mojave Sundown
6. Three And The Triangle
7. Mesh
8. Natural Forms
9. Shine
10. Rejected

Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace

George Sarah - Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace. Format: CD, + Digital. Released April 17, 2012 on Pusan Music Group.

Track Listing:
1. Anna (Featuring Angela McCluskey, Alain Whyte, James Fearnley)
2. Cloudy
3. Emo (Featuring Monique Powell)
4. Afterglow
5. Solace
6. All That Is Left Is Lost (Featuring Gingger Shankar)
7. Lament
8. I Know Trees
9. Moja Bila Moja (Featuring Erika Lulakwa)
10. Kiss Of The Dustmites
11. Tomorrow Never Came
12. Spalding Gray Can't Swim (Featuring David J)
13. Manatee
14. Ours
15. Drag Ass (Featuring Swayzak)

1920 Remix's

George Sarah ‎– 1920 Remix's. 4 Song 12' Vinyl E.P. Released Jan, 2004 on Transistor Records.

Track Listing:

A1. 1920 (Brothers Behind The Light Remix)

A2. 1920 (Backyard Bangers Remix)

B1. 1920 (Greg Long Remix)

B2. 1920 (Soulphonic Soundsystem Remix)

Ossia 5 Song 12' Vinyl

George Sarah ‎– 5 Song 12' Vinyl E.P. Released April 8, 2003 on Transistor Records.

Track Listing:

A1. Ossia

A2. Silhouette

A3. 1920

B1. Source Cue 3

B2. The T.V. Is In My Eye


George Sarah ‎– Ossia. Format: CD, + Digital. Released April 8, 2003 on Transistor Records.

Track Listing:
1. Ossia
2. Silhouette 
3. The T.V. Is In My Eye 
4. Aida
5. Where Is Huggy Bear?
6. Source Cue 3 
7. Grey World Under Electric Light
8. 1920 
9. Ballet And Surgery
10. Noh Dancers
11. Horses
12. Minor Key Interjection
13. Source Cue 2
14. Drowning Room

Music For Elevators

Anthony Head and George Sarah - Music For Elevators. Format: CD, + Digital. Released February 5, 2002 on Beautiful Is As Beautiful Does Records.

All music written by George Sarah and Anthony Head except where noted, lyrics by Anthony Head.

Track Listing:
1. What Can You Tell Me
2. Babies [The In Between]" (Music by Anthony Head)
3. Owning My Mistakes
4. Segue
5. We Can Work it Out (Beatles Cover)
6. Qu’est-ce que j’ai fait" (Music by George Sarah)
7. All the Fun of the Fair (Featured Vocalists Justina Machado and Amber Benson)
8. This Town in the Rain (Music by Anthony Head)
9. Talk to You (Music by Anthony Head, String arrangements by George Sarah)
10. Mum's Song (Written and performed by Helen Shingler)
11. Last Time (Music and lyrics by Joss Whedon)
12. One Man's Rain
13. Segue 2
14. Change 
15. Staring at the Sun
16. End Game (Music by George Sarah)